Sunday, December 16, 2007

Natural Prostate Cures with Correcting Bad Posture and exercise

Correcting Bad Posture for Prostate Problems:
Correcting bad posture is of utmost importance in treating prostate disorders. One of the best posture-correcting methods is to lie flat on the floor at the end of the day. If gradually straightens out the back, pushes the neck into its normal position and takes the weight off the feet so that they may relax. Lie in this position for about 10 minutes till the lower part of the back begins to ache ,due to the strain placed on the pelvic muscles. This strain can be reduced by drawing the feet up to the buttocks.. This position also takes the strain off the abdominal muscles and allows the contents of the abdomen to move more freely than in the standing position. This movement can be increased by deep breathing, and the diaphragm will then tend to pull the abdominal organs up towards the chest. Breathing in this way releases the tension on the back, lifts the pelvic organs and restores the proper angle to the ribs.

The patient should now be in a fairly relaxed state with the back resting comfortably on the floor, the neck straight and the breathing easy and full. The next position is to raise the pelvic part of the body as high as possible, and to put under it a hard cushion that will hold it as comfortably high as possible, Rhythemic breathing may be continued so as to stimulate the movements of the inner organs. The patient may also try consciously to relax and contract the abdominal muscles. This position is of great value in taking the weight and strain off the bladder and the prostate gland, and should be held for about 10 minutes or even longer, if possible. This position maybe usefully varied by taking thecushion or support from under the buttocks and then raising the pelvis up and down slowly as an exercise.

Now assume the first position of lying completely flat on the back with the legs extended flat on the floor. Bend the knees, and bring them up as high as possible towards the head. Place the hands on the outside of the knees, and then pull the knees as high as they will come.

Natural Prostate Remedies with Exercises:

Kicking an Imaginary Object Exercise
Kicking an imaginary object in this position is a very good exercise in prostate disorder. The procedure is to release the hands from the knees, and shoot out both legs, as though kicking an imaginary object suspended in the air. Do not do this too vigorously at first because it is apt to strain the abdominal muscles; but after a while a certain control will be developed over the movement, and it may be done with a good deal of speed. It is a very useful exercise, as it tends to shake up the contents of the pelvis and the Jerk of the feet transmits an upward force through that region. The good effect of this movement is to activate a sluggish bowel. It should be repeated several times, according to the strength and energy of the patient.