Thursday, February 10, 2011

Surgical vs. Natural Teeth Whitening Solutions

Its believed that the natural ways of getting whiter teeth is safer then the surgical techniques. The most common natural method for getting the spotless teeth is flossing and brushing properly. These are evolved as the long term and safest methods and their effectiveness is witnessed by a lot of people around the world. On the other hand some find the surgical procedures more rewarding. Most of these people are in the habit of smoking or having other drinks and food items making the teeth stained. So to get rid of these stains one can get help of the available surgical treatments. So the surgical procedures are for the exceptional cases.

If a person wants to maintain healthy and white teeth then cleaning them properly after drinking or eating something is the only requirement. The proper cleaning will eliminate the risk of decaying or getting stained. Brushing is the safest tool for getting the brighter teeth but one can also use some natural solutions available for teeth whitening like peroxide. But using it frequently is not good for the enamel so apply it only if there is no way around and that too at different intervals. The other natural way is using the mixture of the hydrogen peroxide and baking soda as toothpaste. This solution can help in attaining back the natural color of the tooth.

The natural treatments take more time as compared to the surgical ones but they are believed to be effective in the long run. Also these treatments make a person spend less than the surgical procedures. But those who want to get instant results can take the help of the dental treatments. The treatment’s selection depends on the individual’s own choice and preference. Both natural and surgical methods have advantages or disadvantages so decision of the person must be based on these facts.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Natural Alternatives For Hair Removal Products

These days, it can be expensive to remove unwanted hair. With the innovations and new products from various skin and hair care experts, you'll really get confused. However, there are some folks who still stick to basic good grooming. As a cost-effective option for getting rid of unwanted hair, you may use natural hair removal products instead.

Natural hair removal products are not as highly available as the common types in the market. These are typically home-made concoctions from various regions and where used by women folk to remove unwanted body and facial hair. Many ingredients use by these women are either found somewhere in their garden or in the market.

There are manufacturers that are also producing natural-based products for hair removal and they can be based on these home-made products. They use cotton threads, honey, chamomile tea, sugar syrup, lemon juice and other natural ingredients.

Among the many natural hair removal products are sugary gels that are easy to make at home. Sugaring is an old method of removing hair and it has gained a following even today. The ingredients used are sugar, honey, molasses and lemon juice. Combine all the ingredients and allow them to simmer for 3 minutes until you get a smooth consistency.

When the sugar mixture has cooled, you may start the process by applying cornstarch on the area, followed by the sugar mixture. Leave it for a few minutes before peeling off going towards the opposite direction of your hair growth.

Threading is also a natural hair removal method which uses 100% cotton threads. There is a technique used by expert threaders in order to perfectly twirl the thread over the surface of the skin to remove the hair. You may apply this method in removing hair from your upper lips, eyebrows and chin. This is very useful for people who have sensitive skin.

Home-made bleach is another hair removal product which does not cost too much. Bleaching an area with unwanted hair is easy and safe since you can use natural ingredients. Honey, lemon juice and chamomile tea are the main ingredients for bleaching. There are natural hair removal products out there that contain a wide variety rare herbs, plant extracts, and exotic plant enzymes. The solutions from these natural ingredients alter the structure of the hair follicles - from thick coarse hair to softer baby-like hair. And it also saturates the base of the hair follicle and permanently stops hair growth.

So if you are dreaded by today's hair removal methods, you may want to try these and other natural hair removal products. They are safe and organic since they're 100% natural.