Monday, December 31, 2007

General Control for Hot Flashes

Simple measures can help to alleviate hot flashes. Avoid overheating your home or workplace, and dress in layers that make it easy to add or remove clothing as needed. Natural fibers such as silk and linen help to maintain a comfortable body temperature by allowing perspiration to evaporate quickly. Keep a small paper or bamboo fan handy for quick cooling during a hot flash. Natural-fiber bedding will help to keep you comfortable during the night. Use pure cotton or linen sheets, and instead of one heavy blanket or comforter, sleep with thin layers of cotton or wool blankets and a lightweight down comforter that can be added or removed as needed.

Emotional stress is often a trigger for hot flashes. Practices such as deep rhythmical breathing and meditation create a calm internal environment that keeps your body and emotions in balance. You can also relieve emotional and physical tension with regular exercise such as a daily half-hour brisk walk. Avoid walking in the hot sun, though, because excessive heat can bring on a hot flash. During hot weather, walk in the early morning or evening. Other types of exercise that have a calming and cooling effect are swimming, tai chi, and yoga. The long, slow stretches of yoga and the gentle, flowing movements of tai chi are excellent for creating a deep sense of peace and relaxation and are wonderful practices for bringing the body and mind into harmony.

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