Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Natural Remedies for Scabies That Can Be Easily Done

Scabies is an infectious skin condition usually caused by mites that creates burrows in the skin. It is common all over the world, and it affects people of all races and social classes. Scabies transmits easily in crowded areas especially when direct skin contact is frequent. Scabies frequently occurs in hospitals, child-care centers and nursing homes. Scabies can also be transmitted sexually among partners. Using clothes, towels, and bedding of people with scabies is definitely infectious. People cannot acquire scabies from their pets. Pets also have a different paarasite called mange.

Pure oils are commonly used as natural remedies for scabies. For example, margosa oil from India is believed to be effective for scabies. In South East Asia, neem tree oil and tea tree oil are known as effective home remedies for scabies. These oils are said to have anti-bacterial properties which can help heal the wounds produced by scratching. Aloe vera as well as peppermint also contains healing properties that makes them natural remedies for scabies. Actually, you can make your own natural remedies for scabies which is even milder and less costly than medicated creams.

Here is an easy to follow natural remedy for scabies:

Natural Remedies for Scabies #1
Rub some instant hand sanitizer with aloe on wet skin

Natural Remedies for Scabies #2
Rub some orange oil on the skin. Leave for a few minutes then apply a second layer of coconut oil
Natural Remedies for Scabies #3
Apply a third layer of tea tree oil that can be very relaxing for the skin. In a while, you would see some mites crawling out of the skin as they react to the oil.

Natural Remedies for Scabies #4
Allow the natural oils to soak in the skin for at least half an hour

Natural Remedies for Scabies #5
Take a shower so the mites can be washed from your skin

Natural Remedies for Scabies #6
Begin disinfecting the area especially the beddings,linen and clothes that have been used

Natural Remedies for Scabies #7
Disinfect entire house and other likely sources of mites

Natural Remedies for Scabies #8
Rinse and Repeat

It is also good if you can procure some herbal soap preparation for scabies. Using organic products as natural remedies for scabies is very safe because they can be used by younger children or pregnant women. You can have oatmeal or lavender soap which can heal the rashes and itchiness in the skin. Furthermore, the skin would become very smooth and heal effectively. Indeed, natural remedies for scabies can be very suitable for use by almost anyone to soothe and heal their skin.

By Natural Remedies

Treating Diarrhea with Home Remedies

People are sometimes surprised to find out that next to the common cold, diarrhea is the most common affliction that humans experience. Similar to colds, diarrhea can be embarrassing sometimes. There are times that people are embarrassed to talk about their digestive ailments considering it affects their daily routines. Fortunately, there are home remedies for diarrhea where you can try to alleviate the situation. If followed properly, the ailment’s duration may last only for a few days. So here are some practical home remedies for diarrhea.

It is important for children and for you to avoid dehydration. You need to drink a lot of fluids to combat dehydration. Now, it doesn’t matter what type of drink as long you avoid milk and soft drinks or soda. Milk can aggravate your diarrhea while sodas and soft drinks cannot replace the calories lost by dehydrated people. The best home remedies for diarrhea that will prevent losing essential fluids and electrolytes are fruit juices and soups or broth.

Eating is another practical home remedies for diarrhea because it gives nutrients to your body that keeps you strong. If you starve yourself, you are just prolonging your agony since the stomach is empty and the body cannot pass stools. Make sure to stay away from fatty or greasy foods. Children can avail of the BRAT diet. BRAT is an acronym for the following foods, bananas, rice, apples or applesauce and toast. This diet and home remedies for diarrhea is proven effective, as long as you avoid alcoholic beverages and spicy foods for at least two more days after the diarrhea stops.

Continue you daily routine. If the diarrhea is considered mild, avoid strenuous activities for it may lead to dehydration. Before taking over-the-counter medications, talk to your doctor first. Studies show that diarrhea medications would aggravate the ailment instead of curing it. This home remedies for diarrhea can be your first line of defense before the doctors start prescribing antibiotics.

By Natural Remedies