Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easy to Make Natural Moth Repellent

Your can make a very effective repellent mix by blending together the following herbs and spices:

Natural Moth Repellent - What You Want?

25 g tansy
25 g rosemary
25 g wormwood
15 g freshly crushed cloves
2 tablespoons orrisroot powder (from chemist)

Natural Moth Repellent - How to Prepare this Natural Moth Repellent?
Using your hands thoroughly mix all the ingredients in a large ceramic bowl. Add the mix to a plastic bag, seal it airtight, and leave to cure in a dry, dark spot for 6 weeks. Wash your hands thoroughly afterwards before touching food or your face. Give the mix a good shake every other day. Place the mixture in small sachets and sew the ends together.