Monday, October 5, 2009

Easy Natural Stress Relief

When there are some good natural stress relief options to choose from, why bother with using medications? Even if life seems particularly tough and you are feeling like you just cannot cope with it anymore a few simple natural stress relief methods can soon have you back on your feet once more. If you make the mistake of allowing stress to remain unchecked you are risking some very severe consequences. Fortunately, the following natural stress relief methods can help you get rid of all the stress in your life.

Deep Breathing

The simplest natural stress relief method is to practice to take deep breaths which acts as a tonic and fights the habit of breathing in a shallow manner that normally occurs whenever one is feeling stressed out. Deep breathing requires that you place the palm of your hand upon your stomach and then inhale till you cannot fill your lungs any further and then with stomach extended outward you can let out the air. The end result is you will feel calmer and less stressed and anxious.

Meditation is a simple natural stress relief method that everyone can try. All you need is a quiet place and about five to ten minutes to spare. During this time you need to shut your eyes and try to create a mental image in your mind about some places that you love visiting. Whether it is a beach or even a mountain you should visualize it in your mind because after you are finished you will be left wondering why you ever were feeling stressed at all.

Yoga too is a good natural stress relief method and one that does wonders for the mind, body and spirit. It makes your body more flexible and when you stretch your joints and tendons and also ligaments will all get lubricated. According to research on the effects of yoga as natural stress relief method it was found that besides calming the mind it also helps you to detoxify your body and so ensures freedom from stress.

Other natural stress relief methods include doing stretches and also getting a massage. Another option open to you is to try stress relief products. The advantage of using such products is that they contain ingredients that help combat the causes of stress which in turn are emotional, chemical or even physical events that lead to increase in mental as well as physical tension and stressful feelings.