Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Folklore Remedies For Warts

Take a dead black cat to a graveyard at midnight. When you hear a noise, throw the cat toward the sound. That will take the warts away.

Steal a greasy dishrag from your neighbor. Wipe your warts with it, then throw it over your left shoulder into a pond.

Rub warts with a raw potato, then bury the potato in clay. Just to be on the safe side, repeat with another potato the following day.

Rub warts with a black snail and impale the snail on a thorn tree. When the snail dries and withers, so do the warts.

Rub the warts with a chicken gizzard during the waning of the moon. Then bury the gizzard in the center of a dirt road.

Rub warts with a cinder, wrap the cinder up in paper, and leave it at a crossroads. Whoever picks up the parcel and unwraps it, catches the warts.

Prick the wart with a gooseberry thorn passed through a wedding ring.

Lick your forefinger and point it at a passing funeral three times and say, "My warts go with you."

Rub the wart with a piece of stolen beef. Then bury the meat.