Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rheumatic Fever Natural Cures

Rheumatic fever is one of the more serious disorders which afflict mostly those under 18. It is a fever accompanied by pain in the joints and the malady is one of those which involve the smooth membranes of the body, particularly the heart.

Rheumatic fever begins with a chill, .followed by fever and a feeling of stiffness or pain in 'one or more joints, usually those of the knees, ankles, wrists or shoulders. The temperature does not usually go beyond 103°F but a peculiar complication which arises from the poisons released by the malady into the system is that the heart is involved when the inf1ammation reaches its membranes. It is difficult of diagnosis because the swelling in the joints of the children is not immediately noticeable.

Natural Cures and Home Remedies for Rheumatic Fever:

Asparagus Seeds, Black Cumin (Kalaunji), Fenugreek and Ajwain should be taken in equal quantities and ground into powder. Three grams of the powder swallowed with water every morning controls the swelling of rheumatism.

A useful prescription to help relieve the pain of rheumatic fever is: one decigram of White Arsenic, one dried Grape and four decigrams of Pepper ground fine and made into 24 pills. One pill should be taken after breakfast.

As for poultices and medications for local application, the following should be tried: Boil one kilo of root of Castor Oil tree in 8 kilos of water; when one fourth of the liquid is left, it should be strained. It is then boiled with 112 kg of Castor Oil till all the water has evaporated. This oil should be rubbed over the affected parts and bandaged with cotton wool.